reset apple id password:Unlock iPhone / iPad with iCloud Apple ID and Password Recovery. No more "repairs"!

reset apple id passwordUnlock iPhone  iPad with iCloud Apple ID and Password Recovery. No more repairs!

reset apple id password: unlock iPhone iPad with iCloud Apple ID and Password Recovery. No more repairs!

Your iPhone or iPad stops working - don't despair!

All electronics and even those released by Apple Inc. may fail. So that the owners of the failed iPhone are not angry with fate, Apple has deployed a network of authorized service centers to repair/replace their devices.

We operate under a formal agreement in Europe / America, which repairs /replace iPhones and iPads.

It is very important to understand that Apple's annual warranty is not a repair. Replacement in 98% of cases with only one new device, and nothing else!

We invite you to collaborate with TheiPhone911 - Apple Authorized Service Center CMS (Trusted Apple Service Provider).

The Authorized Service Center is a subsidiary of one of the largest Apple technology purchases authorized by Apple Income Premium Gold Reseller in Europe. Because of this, all business processes at TheiPhone911 ASC take place at the highest level of mutual support, with Apple warranty service centers in Europe / America. Our Apple Authorized Service Center receives undisputed benefits for our customers, as it is the purpose of the replacement service that is being adopted as part of TheiPhone911 mission

Apple International Warranty - Apple Global Warranty - Distributed through TheiPhone911 © ACC Team (Warranty Service Center Apple Inc.): Any iPhone model that comes under warranty and all countries in the European Union, USA, China, Hong Kong Is issued for. , And in any other regions of the world, and is done over a fixed period of 3 to 5 workweeks.

Follow the link to the manufacturer's official website: from Apple to check the warranty status of your product. Please note that any action on the company's product is registered on this site, which will allow you to ensure that we make replacements while ensuring a warranty.

Exactly the exchange of any iPhone model is our mission, as an authorized Apple service center on CMS. In 98% of cases, we guarantee its official replacement with the same new one!

Clear, clear and affordable - this is what sets our services apart! Agree that the manufacturer's guarantee to expand and receive after the repair is also, by the way, officially registered on the manufacturer's website - this is what you wanted.

We are more useful to you for repairing mobile devices than Apple!

Location to lock the program to the iPhone or iCloud ID devices recruited with the new iPhone!

  • Apple Authorized Service Center Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Cherkessk, Nalchik, Vladikavkaz, Grozny are cities where we provide warranty service and official replacement of devices / Apple Authorized Service Provider Stavropol / Apple iPhone It is an authorized service center in the north. Caucasus Federal District.

reset apple id passwordUnlock iPhone  iPad with iCloud Apple ID and Password Recovery. No more repairs!

If your iPhone accidentally drowned,
And the experts found it impossible to return it completely to "life", then we have a unique and beneficial offer for you.

As you know, the Apple gadget automatically removes moisture from the warranty, and buying such equipment for parts is extremely reluctant and very cheap, as it would be difficult to voucher for the performance of the removed parts.

  • Why lose money?
  • When can you get a new device for your "submerged man"?
  • Not only can you get a new device,
  • And the device with a full year warranty.
  • Bring the device to us, open-check,
  • Look inside, take a picture - give a conclusion YES / NO.

If "yes" then place an order, send the equipment for replacement, wait for about a month.

When you come to get a new phone (PCT with 1-2 years guarantee), check the serial number / IMEI (15 digits) data on the manufacturer's website on the new device (see):

How to get a new original iPhone in exchange for flooding after the device is liquid?

To exchange an old iPhone for a new one, it is necessary to disable the Find My iPhone function on the smartphone itself or via the iCloud web interface if the device is not already powered on or any settings Do not have access. Screen.

Transferring iPhone for exchange is very convenient:

  • In our service center, receiving the advice of an expert manager in person
  • Call our courier for free via website or phone

We will try our best

  • So that Apple's final exchange decision makes you happy and doesn't take long.

With us, you can exchange an iPhone in any situation.

  • Even after flood, unsuccessful recovery or opening and hardware diagnosis

We will report Apple's decision

  • Is it possible to exchange an iPhone and the total cost of the exchange will be known to you in only 2-3 days if there are no extraordinary moments (rations, etc.)?

It will take very less time to exchange iPhone

  • A few days to two weeks will separate you from the new iPhone.

reset apple id passwordUnlock iPhone  iPad with iCloud Apple ID and Password Recovery. No more repairs!

There is always a second chance on your iPhone!
We would be happy to help you!

Replace iPhone, Like Other Apple Technology
Profitable for the following reasons: you will get a completely new device; You get a year warranty from the manufacturer; You can ensure that the product does not have hidden defects; The overpayment is not very much when repairing the product.

The official service of most manufacturers of consumers and equipment to determine the warranty of a breakdown often comes down to Will the manufacturer fixes the defect for free, or whether the breakdown is the result of your actions and you will be asked for the full cost of the repair to pay.

Apple also has a third scenario: paid replacement of the device, in which the official service representative suggests your faulty iOS device with a similar (same model, color and memory size) price for a 90-day guarantee. Much less than buying a similar new iPhone or iPad!

Q: What is the warranty of the replaced device?

A: For replacement of payment for a device officially intended for sale in Russia, you get a full year warranty from the moment you receive the device.

In case of replacement of foreign equipment - Apple's official guarantee remains.

If this period is less than 90 days, or the warranty has already expired, Apple offers you a 90-day warranty from the date you received the device from an authorized Apple service representative.

Q: Is a paid replacement available for all iOS devices and any damage?

A: For a payment replacement, our service accepts certified devices for use in Russia.

Also all EU countries.

You can check if a paid replacement is available for your device by contacting us by phone or sending an application via the Quick Contact form.

An equally important point of participation in a replacement program is the "non-interference" of unauthorized service centers in the operation of your device (so it is better not to take your equipment to questionable workshops).

Q: Will I get a new device?

A: Apple's limited warranty includes an important point whereby Apple provides after-sales service: an original device assembled by Apple that is made up of new and/or used parts that equal the new in performance and reliability Huh "
We also add that you will be the first user to activate the device you receive in return.

Q: How much does a paid replacement cost for different devices?

A: The replacement cost depends on the device model (the replacement price does not depend on the amount of memory or color). You can always find the current price in our price list.

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